Why VPN Is Important For Torrenting


Torrenting is one of the most popular methods of file sharing. But, if you are file-sharing without protecting your internet activities, then your fun could lead you to some major risks. To maintain your privacy over the Internet world, you really need a VPN. So whatever may be your reason for torrenting, you should know why VPN is important when torrenting.

Many people don’t realize the risks of torrenting. Anyone who is torrenting the same file as you will be able to see your IP. Your IP servers very much like a digital fingerprint. So in this article, we will tell you why VPN is important for torrenting.

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is the latest way to downloading files from the Internet through peer-to-peer networks. People have files ready to be shared, and they’re called “seeders”. Network users who get those links are called “torrents” and “leach” files from the network. You will get your file from many sources like this.

The downside of torrenting is that there is no privacy on the internet. Everything you do on the Internet can be seen and there is a permanent record of it. But this was until VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are discovered. A VPN prevents your ISP from seeing what you are doing and keeps the authorities from seeing what you are downloading.

Why VPN is Important when Torrenting

Torrenting is not illegal by itself. But the issue is, some of the files are legal to share online and some are not. There are also things that are in gray areas. One way to avoid privacy concerns in your downloads is to use a VPN. Let’s see why VPN is important for torrenting.

Risks of Torrenting

  1. Copyright Trolls: If you download any file that is subjected to copyrights, then you might deal with copyright infringement issues. The copyright holder can take legal action against you.
  2. Phishing on Torrenting Sites: These sites most share copyright content, and most commonly known as piracy. They are illegal and it also puts its users at risk.
  3. Throttling Your Connection: Downloading large files takes more bandwidth and this might grab your ISP’s attention. If you use too much data, then your IPS will slow you down.

With the increasing security threats and rapidly growing lawsuits, torrent downloading is considered to be a dangerous activity in the US. Additionally, your ISP may slow your connection down. If you don’t want to pay the fines and lose your digital privacy, use a VPN.

How a VPN works

A VPN will route all your online traffic through an encrypted tunnel over a remote server. Your IP address has been transferred to the remote server you are connecting to. This means that your ISPs and the Law enforcement agencies cannot see what you are doing online. With the help of a VPN, you can torrent without the risk of getting caught.

Benefits of using VPN

  • Privacy: Masking your IP address, search history, and location will keep you out from being tracked by websites, browsers, internet service providers (ISPs), and others.
  • Security: Helps to protect you from anyone trying to access or hack your personal data and other information you send and receive over the Internet.
  • Assert your right to online privacy.
  • Escapes from data-throttling and bandwidth throttling.
  • Helps to unlock contents that are Geo-restricted and set you access to regional sports coverage that is unavailable in your location.

Besides everything, you need to get the right VPN that fits all your needs. Not all VPNs are equal, there is both a paid and free version and the good one will hide your IP and other internet activities even from your ISP. Refer this article to know how to download securely with torrents using VPN.


If you want to be secure your privacy and data over the internet, then VPN is the best solution for you. It will help you to prevent and protect you from ISP, websites that track your activities, and from hackers too. Even if you don’t use torrent, you could benefit from having a VPN. I might no replace your antivirus, but it offers an additional level of security from malware and hackers.

Best addons of Kodi to stream on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Kodi just started its journey as software for Xbox, after becoming a streaming champion. Due to its performance and adaptability with lots of platforms, it evolved as the most active media player.

There are a lot of addons out there for Kodi. But only a very few developers understood this and modified the addons based on the device. So in this article, we are going to list some of the best Kodi addons for Xbox.

Best addons for Kodi on Xbox

To install an add-on, you’ll need its repository URL, which is located at random servers. And by installing them, you will be installing all the dependencies files required for the proper functioning of addons.

Most of the dependencies files are auto-installed, and they are background files for functioning these addons. It is a one time process.

Neptune Rising

Neptune rising addon is the best among its type. It gives the users a flawless performance across various platforms. This addon is available in the Blamo repository. Though the installation process is simple, all you need is its repository URL.

Repository URL: http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/

Selfless Kodi addon

Selfless Kodi addons have recently launched with excellent performance. It is one of the best Kodi addons to watch your favorite IPTV and PPV contents. Also, you can stream 24*7 live sports channels. It is located in Bookmark’s repository or also in Bliss Repository.

Repository URL: http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/

Install addon:

The installation process for all the addons is almost the same. Just change the name of the repository and URL. Depending on the type of addon, select the category as Video addon, Music addon, or Program addons.

  1. Open your Kodi on Xbox > Settings > File Manager > Add Source.
  2. Select None > Enter Repository URL > Give a name for the repo.
  3. Then navigate back and select the addons from the Home Screen > Installer icon > Install from Zip File.
  4. Choose the repo name > Select the Zip file and wait for a couple of seconds for the installation process to finish.
  5. Select Install from Repository > BLAMO Repository > Video addons > Addon Name (Neptune Rising) > Install.
  6. It takes a few seconds to complete the installation, and then you can access the addons from the home screen.

Final Words

That’s it, and there are tons of other addons to explore. Try them and share your favorite Kodi addons for Xbox in the comment section. Finding any error while installing addons on Kodi? Then feel free to ask us through the comment section given below. We will try our best to help you.

Reference: KodiXbox.com

Best defensive steel type pokemon every team should capture

In this article, we have a 3 Best strongest Fighting-type Pokemon. It only includes the Fighting-type pokemon with their short description. Fighting-type Pokemon are good on their melee attacks.

Most of the fighting type Pokemon looks like a real fighter. They also have a body shaped like humans because they represent practitioners of various martial arts, who tends to be a real-world human.

Fighting has many ways to evolve and each generation has set up at least one type of combat specialist. Using a Steel type attack and defense chart, you can find the attack and defense move set of your Pokemon.

With the help of defense and move set, you can easily win a gym battle using Fighting-type Pokemon. Fighting Type is super effective against Normal, ice, rock, dark and steel type Pokemon. And it is not effective against the Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug and Fairy-type Pokemon.

Best fighting type Pokemon to defeat a gym:

1. Machamp

Machamp is a fighting type Pokemon with a maximum CP of 3056 in Pokemon GO. It is very vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type moves. The best moves of Machamp’s are counter and dynamic punch.

It is boosted by Cloudy weather. Machamp is incredibly easy to obtain and yet it’s the best fighting type in the pre-gen 5. Machamp is more capable of living up to the hype set by its look, seeing as how lore-wise, each one can throw hundreds of punches in a second.

2. Toxicroak

Toxicroak is both the Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon with a max CP of 2488 in Pokemon GO. It was first introduced in Generation 4. It is vulnerable to Flying, Ground and Psychic-type moves. Its best moves are Counter and Dynamic Punch. It has poison sacs in its throat and the stored poison is been churned for greater potency.

3. Machop

These Type Of Pokemon Never Gets Tired, Even It Is Trained Hard For The Whole Day. It’s maximum CP of 1278 with Karate chop and cross chop best moves. It is vulnerable to Fairy, Flying and Psychic-type moves.

Final words:

In this article, we have listed the 3 best fighting type pokemon of all to defeat a gym in the battle. If we have missed any of your favorite fighting type Pokemon, let us know in the comment section.

Best VPN for IPTV to stream the most popular channels seamlessly

IPTV has already taken over the streaming industry like a storm. Most of the cable TV subscribers have turned into IPTV due to its low-cost ad amazing features. Privacy issues are the only thing stopping users from using IPTV.

There are few third party services in IPTV, that stream content illegally and they won’t have their own streaming rights. Streaming such content can bring you issues.

It’s better to get a secure VPN service, to stay safe from the ISP and avoid being tracked by the Government.

VPN for an IPTV allows you to unblock the Geo-restricted contents without disclosing your identity. So in this article, we have listed the best VPN services for IPTV.

Best VPN for IPTV to stream channels seamlessly:

1. Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the top VPN service providers and they have got servers across 90+ countries. You can definitely opt for Express VPN when it comes to IPTV. You can also stream Netflix content of different countries from your home itself.

It’s easy to install the Express VPN in your PC, Tablet, Smartphones, Smart TV, Routers and other devices. While comparing the basic plans of VPN, Express VPN is a little high, but you also get 3 months free when you subscribe to the annual plan.

2. PureVPN

Pure VPN wins all the VPN with its hands down performance, when it comes to IPTV services. It is compatible with all the streaming devices and it also seamlessly bypasses all throttling the Geo-restricted contents. 750+ servers across 140+ countries and it allows simultaneous usage of up to 5 devices.

In addition to that, it also gives flawless support for most of the streaming devices. You can install the Pure VPN on your router and encrypt every data that flows through your network.

3. Nord VPN

Nord VPN satisfies both the Bypassing Geo-restricted content and protecting our streaming activity. If you are a torrent and P2P user, this VPN suist the best for you. It provides the users the auto connect feature.

If the connection is interrupted in one server and it connects with the nearest server of Nord VPN. In the case of other VPNs, you’ll need to manually connect and there is a possibility of exposing your original IP.

4. IPVanish

The main reason for using a VPN on IPTV is to keep your IP secure and to stream the geo-restricted contents. The unique feature of this VPN are it unblock the Netflix, Hulu, Showbox, and other premium services. IPVanish will be the best VPN if your main focus is to watch the Geo-restricted content.

It allows the user a simultaneous usage of up to 10 devices and 1300+ servers across 75+ locations. IPvanish has a supporting app for all the streaming services across various platforms.

5. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN provides you the exclusive support for Linux, Xbox, PS4, blackberry, and all other operating systems and devices. It is the lowest of all VPN in a long term plan and offers a special discount for the students.

Also supports split tunneling and allows the users to access the contents form foreign IP and local network at the same time. And both of these connections are encrypted.


And these are the best and good VPNs for IPTV. Most of the internet geeks and streamers are using these VPNs mainly due to its reliability. And that’s why we are suggesting you go with this list of Best VPN for IPTV services. Let us know in the comment section if you are still confused.

Source: http://iptvkodi.co/best-iptv-vpn/

5 Best Kodi Addons 2019 with easy Installation Process

Are you struggling to find fully working Kodi addons of 2019? In this article, we have rounded up the best working Kodi addons, which are compatible with all Kodi hardware platforms. There are thousands of available Kodi addons, and we know that streaming needs vary from one user to another. 

Here is the list of Best Kodi Repositories to install all the popular Kodi addons.

5 Best Kodi Addons 2019

After using Kodi for several years, we have realized that you don’t need hundreds of addons no matter the type of content you going to watch. So that, among 1000+ found addons, we have listed the best 5 Kodi addons of 2019. 

  1. Exodus (Version 8)
  2. Exodus Redux 
  3. The Magic Dragon
  4. Loki
  5. Venom

Exodus (Version 8)

Exodus was one of the most popular and most widely used Kodi addon. Yes, this addon still works and it is only living the relics of its past glory. After a good long run, Exodus was shut down and revived later. But it isn’t what it used to be any longer, it still has a huge content of the library. The contents are updated regularly.  Exodus is still the first preference of every Kodi expert and user. If you are one of them, then give it a try installing from the Kodi Bae repository. 

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is probably the most recent on-demand addon of Kodi. although being new, Exodus Redux snaps to the second top of our list of best Kodi addons. Both these Exodus and Exodus Redux addons share almost exactly the same layout. Redux is fast and offers top of the line streams. It also ensures nearly zero buffering for the most part. It integrates with the Real-Debrid and you get even better-streaming quality with more full HD playback options.    

The Magic Dragon

Here comes another incredible addon, with an incredible library of TV episodes and flicks for your boundless entertainment experience. This addon rapidly became the favorite of many Kodi experts and users after its release. It brings you all your desired content including the latest movies and shows, fast and easily. The Dragon scoops out the best streams that are there. You can easily download the Magic Dragon from the Diamond Build Repo. 


This addon named after the popular Marvel Cinematic Univers antihero. Loki is an on-demand video addon with a superb collection of movies and shows library. This addon has some interesting categories like Music, Kids, Karaoke, Fitness, Sports, WWE, UFC and many more. Besides the huge library of flicks and episodes, you can explore these categories too. They wind up with streaming a bunch of interesting videos. 


Venom is a comparably new addon. It became popular because of top-rated and popular Kodi addons have shut shops. Venom offers a wide range of streaming choices in the movies and TV shows library. But you can’t expect any extra or fancy categories from Venom. Venom is a wonderful option to try if you mostly stream popular movies or shows. The library of Venom is a little big and it pulls the top-notch streaming links from a  variety of sources. 

Final Words:

This is our list of the best Kodi Addons, that are currently working. If we have missed other best addons on this list, please let us know in the comment section below. 

Best apps to bypass Factory reset protection

Our phones can be lost or stolen and sometimes we cannot avoid it. But what we can do is to find a way to keep our data safe or make the phone impossible to use in these cases. It seems that Google listened to our prayers and provided a new way to protect our phones with Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

Although the FRP is a useful feature, it can sometimes be a problem for people who need to use the phone when they avoid Google Verification. People who buy new or used mobile phones from external sellers may also experience the same problem that makes the phone unusable.

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

We think the phone has been stolen or lost. Now, the person who finds your phone can no longer use it because it has already protected by a PIN code or a numerical scheme. Sometimes it may end up with an error saying custom binary blocked by FRP.

But, Android versions under 5.1 Lollipop can be easily bypassed with a simple factory reset. To solve the problem, Google came up with FRP or Google Verification.

Now someone can not simply restore your phone so easily: you need to sign in with the Google owner’s email address or the one used to set up the phone. Even if the person performs a factory reset, the phone will be completely useless unless you know the Google credentials of the previous owner.

8 best FRP bypass tools you can try

If you find yourself in such a difficult situation, you can use a FRP prevention app to find you in the Google Check. So, what are the best 8 FRP removal tools to not get lost? Let’s take a look below.

1. Pangu FRP APK Bypass: 

Pangu is a free way to bypass the Google Account and remove the FRP block. It works with Lollipop 5.1, Marshmallow 6.1, Nougat 7.0 and 7.1.2 and Oreo 8.0. The tool can be used for all brands of Android phones, such as Samsung, Motorola, Micromax etc.

You must select the Talkback option and use the Apex Initiator to start the process. Then, turn off Google Play services and the Google Account Manager, and turn off the search option on my device. Therefore, you must install Pangu FRP Unlocker on your device to avoid any verification by Google.

Pangu is easy to use and saves valuable time. You can unlock the device and use it normally within minutes.

2. Unlockunit Intelligent Assistant:

Wondering how to bypass the Google account verification? You can use this unique and chat-oriented procedure to unlock the phone in just a few simple steps. You don’t need any technical knowledge, a chatbot helps you with all the instructions.

You will receive a money back guarantee if UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant cannot unlock the PRF. The bot provides superior technical support that prevents Google from verifying in a very short time. The Advanced AI Bot also offers a great conversation experience and won’t let you get bored during the process.

Try the FRP UnlockUnit bypass tool if other methods don’t work for you. Many users have already tried it and are satisfied with the results.

3. Samsung Reactivation Lock / FRP removal service:

If you are looking for a Samsung FRP bypass tool, this online service is very suitable. You don’t have to download any APK for FRP Bypassing, consult confused tutorials or follow complex instructions: you can unlock your phone using the IMEI number!

Just go to the Samsung Reactivation Lock website and choose the Samsung model from the drop-down list. Then enter the IMEI number without spaces and receive a unique username and password to reset the Samsung mobile phone.

4.  FRP/Google Account Bypass and Flashing Tool:

You can use this FRP unlock tool to cancel Google verification on your Android device. It was developed by Gadget Doctor and is a recent addition to FRP Bypass Tols.

The program is useful for bypassing the Google account of the HTC, MI, Qualcomm, Samsung, MTK and SPD smartphones. You need to download the FRP APK Bypass file from the website and install it on your device. Then, the tool will provide you with simple on-screen instructions to unlock FRP.

Users can also flash their phones with this tool. A mobile flicker is required when you want to replace the original partition to install another image. You can also upgrade your device to install a new operating system using this Gmail Bypass APK.

5. Free Bypass APK for Samsung:

To bypass your Google account, Samsung users can use the help of this free tool. You can bypass your phone’s security restrictions and access data. This tool is also useful when you have forgotten your Gmail credentials after restoring factory data.

You need to install the APK on the device that allows downloading from unknown sources. There will be two files: the Samsung FRP Bypass APK file and the SlideSync PC installation. The application can be accessed directly after installing the APK.

6. GSM Flasher tool:

GSM Flasher is a flashing application, but you can also use it to bypass the FRP lock on your phone. The first step is to download the installation file to the PC and install it. The program will work for all types of operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

After installing the program, you can skip Google verification by connecting your phone with a USB cable to your PC. The software also allows you to delete model blocks if you forget yours.

The instrument can also reactivate the blocking devices.

7. D and G Password Unlocker:

D & G Password Unlocker can help Android users eliminate the FRP restrictions on their phones and tablets in seconds. The program will work for major brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC and Yuphoria.

The software is compatible with all Windows platforms such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. After downloading, you must follow the instructions to install this FPR unlocking tool on your PC. Then connect your phone with a USB cable and reboot it without a Google email or password.

The tool also allows you to flash the Android mobile phone and rewrite the firmware. You can unlock your phone for free with this FRP removal tool.

8. Unlockjunky;

If you do not mind paying for FRP bypassing, you can unlock your Android phone with the help of experienced technicians. Simply go to Unlock Junky and choose the make and model of the phone. Then select the type of launch (FRP, in this case) and download the software.

Now connect the device and start a live chat with a technician who does all the work for you. You can unlock the phone in 5 or 15 minutes without having to move an inch

The service is available from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00.

Final Words:

So these are the apps that will help you bypass FRP. But always use them for ethical purposes only. If you have any questions let us know.

Top Kodi addons to watch cartoons and anime for kids

Are you looking for kid-friendly Kodi addons? then this article, we explored some of the best Kodi add-ons featuring cartoons and anime shows for kids. Kodi is a highly customizable, highly portable media center app and also it can be installed on almost every popular platform.

Best kodi addons for kids:

Kodi has numerous add-ons that offer entertainment for kids and some of the addons offers a variety of content for both adults and kids, The following add-ons are all free to use and loads child-friendly content. You can also have a quick look at these best all in one addon for Kodi to watch all type of contents. Here we go with the best add-ons for Kodi.

1. Thomas and Friends

The Thomas and friends Kodi addon would be a great choice if your child likes Thomas the tank engine. This addon doesn’t include any full episodes of the show but it does offer hundreds of clips and compilation videos. Clips are loosely grouped based on their main character, but there is really no way to find anything specific. This addon would be best suited for children who can’t sit still without something playing on the TV.

2. Cartoon 8

In the list of Kodi add-ons for kids, we have Cartoon 8 in the first position and it is the best add-on all time. We choose it is as the best option for streaming cartoons and the contents for your kids will be enjoyed a lot. It has a new update recently so we assure you that you will be going to find the good content for your kids on this add-on.

3. Kiddie Cartoons

We have another good working add-on named as kiddie cartoon which is being popular day by day due to several reasons and you are able to access the wide and entertaining range of the content for your kids. Your kids can play, watch and stream the content with a great experience. It offers your kids to watch full episodes of the cartoon show in great picture quality on Kodi.

4. YouTube

All of us know about YouTube but the youtube addon is one of the biggest and most widely used dependencies on Kodi. YouTube is the biggest streaming websites on the internet and your Kodi addon is tightly integrated with hundreds of add-ons. A lot of popular Kodi addons also use youtube as a dependency, passing of the search queries to it as necessary.

5. Binky TV

This add-on offers more than 50 different shows aimed at kids and it is very simple, with a folder for each show and no configuration options. Not every section contains full episodes, for instance, the cartoon network folder offers short clips of longer shows and most of binky TV content is intended for kids.


There are a lot of Kodi add-on available for kids for their entertainment, if your kids want to stream up the best multimedia content like cartoons and animes then you can get any of these Kodi add-ons to your Kodi player. Enjoy streaming with these add-ons and if you have any queries or better add-ons you can feel free to share it on the comment section given below.

How to Access The Steam Screenshot Folder and Change It

If you are a PC gamer, then you are familiar with Steam. You can buy your favorite game with Steam, and you can get stay updated with the Games updates. If you like to share your game winnings by taking a screenshot using the F12 key. In this small guide, we are going to tell you “how to access steam screenshots folders”. At first, we gonna see how to take a screenshot, and how to change the shortcut to capture the screenshot.

How to take Screenshot?

By default, steam allows you taking the screenshot using the F12 key. But many users aren’t able to take the screenshot because the folder will create only after your first screenshot. While playing games on your laptop, the airplane mode will be turned on when you press F12. To take a screenshot then you have to press the Fn+F12 (Fn is known as function key)

How to change Screenshot shortcut key.

If you are not able to take screenshot using F12 key then, Here is a small guide to change the screenshot short key.

  • Open the Steam software in your system
  • Click on View button and select the settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the “In Game” option and you can see the default screenshot key, which will be set F12.
  • To change the shortcut click on the “X” icon and then you can edit the new shortcut key with Fn.

After removing default key press, you can set any alphabet or number key as screenshot shortcut, you don’t need to press “Fn” key.

Screenshot using Game Bar

The game bar is designed to enhance the gaming experience on its platform also with a screenshot feature. To activate the screenshot, hold down the Windows, Alt and Print Screen button, You have to enable the game bar by pressing the windows+G and then you can select the “Screenshot” button.

Access Steam folder and Screenshot

You need to open the Screenshot Manager with one click easily.

  • Click on the View button to Open the “Screenshot manager”
  • Click on the Screenshot option.
  • You can check the recently taken screenshot, in Screenshot uploader of Steam, it allows you to check any specific game screenshot.
  • To access the screenshot folder of your Steam Game. Select the game from the drop-down menu and click on the “Show on Disk” option.


We hope that the above information is helpful and you are able to capture the screenshots from the steam game and easily access them in your hard drive.

My PS4 controller is not charging – How to fix it?

The PS4 controller offers a fantastic gaming experience. The users problem is that the controller isn’t charging well. Before you take it to the store, there are several things you can try to fix the PS4 controller not charging issues.

If the controller isn’t working while it is connected to the PS4, it means that the controllers USB port isn’t right and something is wrong. You can try one of this fixes below to restore the power to your PS4 controller.


We are going to list a few fixes that you can try to fix your faulty controller.

Solution 1:

Using your controller for a long period of time, then replacing the batteries as rechargeable batteries lose their charges with time. They won’t affect any warrenty. so you can feel free to try it.

Solution 2:

If you want to reset the PS4 controller, then follow the steps given. There will be a small indent located next to the right screw, on the back of the controller. By pressing the indent down for a few seconds, with a toothpick stick. Then you can charge the plug and see whether if it helps.

Solution 3:

The charging port can be faulty if it is not charging when it is connected to the gaming console. The charging ports can also be get damaged because of constantly plugging the charger in and out by crashing. Make sure that the cable is not brokem. Connect the cable to different controller to check whether it is charging or not.

Solution 4:

Keep the PS4 controller away from the hot electronics devices. It can be the main reason behind the charging issues. The sensor through which the controller gets charged, that thing may get exploded.

These are the possible fixes for PS4 controller are not charging issue. If none of these steps works, then replacing the controller is the only option for the users to connect.


These are the methods to fix the PS4 controller not charging issues and continue enjoying your PS4 gaming. You are free to share any alternative method to fix PS4 controller.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

In this article you can see the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. It is a designing programs or machines that have ability to think so that machines can take decisions without interface of human. When the machine has the thinking capacity, it can also occurs several problems and advantages too.

Artificial Intelligence

The science and engineering makes intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It has the ability to understand, apply knowledge. AI as the area of computer science, and they deal with computers made. They perform cognitive functions ascribed to humans.

Advantages of AI

1. Reduction of Error:

Decisions are taken by gathering information and certain algorithms, without the interface of humans. Errors are reduced and it as a chance of reaching accuracy with a greater of precision is a possibility.

2. Faster Decisions:

The decisions can be taken very fast by using Artificial Intelligence. It is impossible to beat a CPU in hard mode while playing games because of the A.I behind it. It takes the best possible step in very short time.

3. No Emotions:

The emotions make machines to think logically and takes the right decisions where humans emotions are associated with moods that can affect human efficiency. The absence of emotions makes the machine to take right decisions.

4. Digital assistant:

Avatars are been used as highly advanced organizations. They are the digital assistants. They save the humans need of resources. We are completely ruled out for machines intelligence.

5. Increase the work efficiency

The machines are great with amazing efficiency, they remove human errors from their tasks and they achieve accurate results.


1. High Cost:

It requires a huge cost as they are very complex machines, and also repair and maintenance require a high cost.

2. Lesser Jobs:

The machines do routine and repeatable tasks much better than the humans so that the human’s job became less and the machines increase their profitability in business.

3. Addiction:

When the machines make everyday tasks more efficient, the humans use machines much.

4. No Replicating Human:

Where intelligence is believed to be a gift of nature, the ethical argument continues whether human intelligence is to be replicated or not.


We have listed the list of advantages and disadvantages of the Artificial Intelligence. We hope this will help you to learn everyday problems. You are free to ask your query in the comment section.