Are you looking for kid-friendly Kodi addons? then this article, we explored some of the best Kodi add-ons featuring cartoons and anime shows for kids. Kodi is a highly customizable, highly portable media center app and also it can be installed on almost every popular platform.

Best kodi addons for kids:

Kodi has numerous add-ons that offer entertainment for kids and some of the addons offers a variety of content for both adults and kids, The following add-ons are all free to use and loads child-friendly content. You can also have a quick look at these best all in one addon for Kodi to watch all type of contents. Here we go with the best add-ons for Kodi.

1. Thomas and Friends

The Thomas and friends Kodi addon would be a great choice if your child likes Thomas the tank engine. This addon doesn’t include any full episodes of the show but it does offer hundreds of clips and compilation videos. Clips are loosely grouped based on their main character, but there is really no way to find anything specific. This addon would be best suited for children who can’t sit still without something playing on the TV.

2. Cartoon 8

In the list of Kodi add-ons for kids, we have Cartoon 8 in the first position and it is the best add-on all time. We choose it is as the best option for streaming cartoons and the contents for your kids will be enjoyed a lot. It has a new update recently so we assure you that you will be going to find the good content for your kids on this add-on.

3. Kiddie Cartoons

We have another good working add-on named as kiddie cartoon which is being popular day by day due to several reasons and you are able to access the wide and entertaining range of the content for your kids. Your kids can play, watch and stream the content with a great experience. It offers your kids to watch full episodes of the cartoon show in great picture quality on Kodi.

4. YouTube

All of us know about YouTube but the youtube addon is one of the biggest and most widely used dependencies on Kodi. YouTube is the biggest streaming websites on the internet and your Kodi addon is tightly integrated with hundreds of add-ons. A lot of popular Kodi addons also use youtube as a dependency, passing of the search queries to it as necessary.

5. Binky TV

This add-on offers more than 50 different shows aimed at kids and it is very simple, with a folder for each show and no configuration options. Not every section contains full episodes, for instance, the cartoon network folder offers short clips of longer shows and most of binky TV content is intended for kids.


There are a lot of Kodi add-on available for kids for their entertainment, if your kids want to stream up the best multimedia content like cartoons and animes then you can get any of these Kodi add-ons to your Kodi player. Enjoy streaming with these add-ons and if you have any queries or better add-ons you can feel free to share it on the comment section given below.

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