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My PS4 controller is not charging – How to fix it?

The PS4 controller offers a fantastic gaming experience. The users problem is that the controller isn’t charging well. Before you take it to the store, there are several things you can try to fix the PS4 controller not charging issues.

If the controller isn’t working while it is connected to the PS4, it means that the controllers USB port isn’t right and something is wrong. You can try one of this fixes below to restore the power to your PS4 controller.


We are going to list a few fixes that you can try to fix your faulty controller.

Solution 1:

Using your controller for a long period of time, then replacing the batteries as rechargeable batteries lose their charges with time. They won’t affect any warrenty. so you can feel free to try it.

Solution 2:

If you want to reset the PS4 controller, then follow the steps given. There will be a small indent located next to the right screw, on the back of the controller. By pressing the indent down for a few seconds, with a toothpick stick. Then you can charge the plug and see whether if it helps.

Solution 3:

The charging port can be faulty if it is not charging when it is connected to the gaming console. The charging ports can also be get damaged because of constantly plugging the charger in and out by crashing. Make sure that the cable is not brokem. Connect the cable to different controller to check whether it is charging or not.

Solution 4:

Keep the PS4 controller away from the hot electronics devices. It can be the main reason behind the charging issues. The sensor through which the controller gets charged, that thing may get exploded.

These are the possible fixes for PS4 controller are not charging issue. If none of these steps works, then replacing the controller is the only option for the users to connect.


These are the methods to fix the PS4 controller not charging issues and continue enjoying your PS4 gaming. You are free to share any alternative method to fix PS4 controller.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

In this article you can see the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. It is a designing programs or machines that have ability to think so that machines can take decisions without interface of human. When the machine has the thinking capacity, it can also occurs several problems and advantages too.

Artificial Intelligence

The science and engineering makes intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It has the ability to understand, apply knowledge. AI as the area of computer science, and they deal with computers made. They perform cognitive functions ascribed to humans.

Advantages of AI

1. Reduction of Error:

Decisions are taken by gathering information and certain algorithms, without the interface of humans. Errors are reduced and it as a chance of reaching accuracy with a greater of precision is a possibility.

2. Faster Decisions:

The decisions can be taken very fast by using Artificial Intelligence. It is impossible to beat a CPU in hard mode while playing games because of the A.I behind it. It takes the best possible step in very short time.

3. No Emotions:

The emotions make machines to think logically and takes the right decisions where humans emotions are associated with moods that can affect human efficiency. The absence of emotions makes the machine to take right decisions.

4. Digital assistant:

Avatars are been used as highly advanced organizations. They are the digital assistants. They save the humans need of resources. We are completely ruled out for machines intelligence.

5. Increase the work efficiency

The machines are great with amazing efficiency, they remove human errors from their tasks and they achieve accurate results.


1. High Cost:

It requires a huge cost as they are very complex machines, and also repair and maintenance require a high cost.

2. Lesser Jobs:

The machines do routine and repeatable tasks much better than the humans so that the human’s job became less and the machines increase their profitability in business.

3. Addiction:

When the machines make everyday tasks more efficient, the humans use machines much.

4. No Replicating Human:

Where intelligence is believed to be a gift of nature, the ethical argument continues whether human intelligence is to be replicated or not.


We have listed the list of advantages and disadvantages of the Artificial Intelligence. We hope this will help you to learn everyday problems. You are free to ask your query in the comment section.