If you are a PC gamer, then you are familiar with Steam. You can buy your favorite game with Steam, and you can get stay updated with the Games updates. If you like to share your game winnings by taking a screenshot using the F12 key. In this small guide, we are going to tell you “how to access steam screenshots folders”. At first, we gonna see how to take a screenshot, and how to change the shortcut to capture the screenshot.

How to take Screenshot?

By default, steam allows you taking the screenshot using the F12 key. But many users aren’t able to take the screenshot because the folder will create only after your first screenshot. While playing games on your laptop, the airplane mode will be turned on when you press F12. To take a screenshot then you have to press the Fn+F12 (Fn is known as function key)

How to change Screenshot shortcut key.

If you are not able to take screenshot using F12 key then, Here is a small guide to change the screenshot short key.

  • Open the Steam software in your system
  • Click on View button and select the settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the “In Game” option and you can see the default screenshot key, which will be set F12.
  • To change the shortcut click on the “X” icon and then you can edit the new shortcut key with Fn.

After removing default key press, you can set any alphabet or number key as screenshot shortcut, you don’t need to press “Fn” key.

Screenshot using Game Bar

The game bar is designed to enhance the gaming experience on its platform also with a screenshot feature. To activate the screenshot, hold down the Windows, Alt and Print Screen button, You have to enable the game bar by pressing the windows+G and then you can select the “Screenshot” button.

Access Steam folder and Screenshot

You need to open the Screenshot Manager with one click easily.

  • Click on the View button to Open the “Screenshot manager”
  • Click on the Screenshot option.
  • You can check the recently taken screenshot, in Screenshot uploader of Steam, it allows you to check any specific game screenshot.
  • To access the screenshot folder of your Steam Game. Select the game from the drop-down menu and click on the “Show on Disk” option.


We hope that the above information is helpful and you are able to capture the screenshots from the steam game and easily access them in your hard drive.

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